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5 Amazing Audiobooks Every Designer Must Read

Hello, Designers, One thing I recently started was expanding my mindset. I always read fiction novels. I never enjoyed non-fiction, I made it one of my many goals this year to read more inspiring nonfiction books. This year became busier for me, there never any time to actually sit down and read anymore. Here is …

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Designer Downtime: For You (50 Shades Freed Album), Breathing Technique, and Chamomile Tea

Hey designers,
Welcome to Designer downtime I’m going to make this a regular on this page to help get those creative juices flowing. How many of you love the Fifty Shades of Grey series and the new song by Liam Payne with Rita Ora? If you haven’t seen the music video it is aesthetically beautiful.

When I listen to music I always love imaging scenarios in my head. I create my best designs that way. when listening to the song For You I couldn’t help imagining myself on a small country estate. With a villa, cocktail party. In a Gorgeous blouse and dress pants. Tell me below what you imagine when you listen to this song. Try these tips below. This works whether your watching music videos, or listening to the music. These relaxation tips and drinking some chamomile tea. Give yourself that moment to clear your head. Good luck


  • Be creative in other ways besides drawing
  • Paint
  • Write fiction,  poetry haikus, journaling
  • Play instrument
  • Being artistic can help you find your inspiration and expand your creativity

Relaxing tips

set timer:1 minute

Try, your mind and stop worrying,  worrying will just waste more of your energy.

  • Breathe in  slowly and fully
  • Focus on your breathing expand the abdominal muscles
  • Hold for 3 seconds then slowly breathe out
  • Also be aware of your breathing are you doing it
  • Repeat over again until the minute is over


Chamomile Tea

Known as a mild sedative and anti-anxiety agent

 *Try adding to your tea lemon, lavender, Ginger, mint, lime, honey, apple cider, milk

The Chamomile flower 

  • reduce anxiety great for people with generalized anxiety disorder
  • Apigenin, is a key component of Chamomile processes anxiolytic and sedative effect

*Caution Chamomile tea may not be considered safe for a pregnant woman because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Especially tea made from Roman chamomile is more likely to be unsafe.