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Fashion 101

Fashion 101: Fashion VS. Style, And What Exactly Is Design?

Before you understand high, mass fashion, taste, classic and fad Need to understand: First is start with fashion and style, and design completely different meanings Style In apparel characteristic, a distinction in the appearance of what you see or wear to express or to make a kind of presentation combination of: Clothing that makes the …

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Fashion Design Then Vs. Now

Fashion Design wasn’t always like this, as back in 1900 going to the 90s. Now it is a welcomed career choice among numerous institutions and universities, that offer courses in different areas of fashion. Fashion careers range from lingerie, children wear, womenswear, bridal, men’s wear, and more. Fashion designers were self-employed some still are, but …

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Designers Guide to Price points

[tweetshare tweet=”As a Fashion Designer we have to think about our clientele and who would fit, and benefit most from the product we make. Thinking of our target market demographics, and even psychographics. But fashion designers have to think about another aspect when you want to actually sell the product out to the world, and …