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Best Homemade Cream Recipes: Dry Skin

[tweetshare tweet=”This homemade cream gets to the surface of your skin. penetrate your epidermal layer. While hydrating and moisturizing the dermal layer of your skin. ” username=””] Oils 5 1/2 tablespoon  grapeseed oil 1/3 cocoa butter Cocoa butter is the fat surrounding the cocoa bean. which chocolate is made from, thick and solid at room …

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Top Organic Products To Start The New Year!

Start the New Year with these awesome Organic products to take extra of your beautiful Body form head to toe. Just under $50. Leave a comment below to let me, and others visiting other products. I love ❤️ organic product and want to know if there are others I don’t know about.

Silly me, just to let you know here is coconut honey mask I for got to leave a website.?