I’m Angelica, a fashion designer and plus size blogger. I have been in love with fashion ever since I was in high school. It started with just drawing in a sketchbook, then grew into a  passion and has followed me for 10 years. For last 3 years in college studying for my B.A. in Fashion Design, It was an amazing, exciting whirlwind of knowledge into what I loved doing. When I graduated, it terrified me to leave. That meant I wouldn’t have the safety net of the school anymore. Everything I did and would have to do to keep my passion alive would be me. But after significant soul-searching and learning (Yes learning, even though you leave school you are still learning). For this past year, it’s been hard, rocky, and trying. But with the support of my friends and family, I stayed strong, even when I felt like giving up.

“You shouldn’t let the fear of failure stand in your way. If you’re willing to take chances, amazing things can happen.”

-Rajiv Surendra

Welcome to ggsfashionaffiars it’s created by me for you. It is not just a fashion blog, it is a lifestyle, a creative outlet. Somewhere you can find your voice, knowledge, and your empowerment as a designer. Join me and others following on this fashion lifestyle journey.