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Three Best 2020 Styles Musts You Should Have In Your Closet

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Oversize Leather Coats

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This cool look is one of my favorite looks. We are going back to the 90’s, baby. when the temp drops go with leather over-sized leather coats try adding to your wardrobe more looks like red or emerald, if that not your thing just go with the all classic black.

The Victorian Sleeve

 This look was inspired by the 19th century Victorian era. which is considered elegant look we can adapt from the Victorian era called the bulbous sleeve also known as the mutton sleeve. designers in their designs are adding bold prints and colors, and sheer lace.

For this look I recommend more sheer laced puffed sleeves for a dramatic romantic look. For print try going with animal print, and polka dots if going bold. If you want to play it safe wear tops that are black, white, or in pastel colors.

Oversized Necklaces

 Oversized necklaces has never gone out of style, because it such a classic piece. But for this season it’s making an appearance on the runway, and street wear. So try this season to add oversize accessories to your look it will complement practically any outfit. You can wear it alone or in layers.

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