Designers Guide to Price points

As a Fashion Designer we have to think about our clientele and who would fit, and benefit most from the product we make. Thinking of our target market demographics, and even psychographics.…
The price point system is important to know, because of these 4 reasons Why?

  1. How much time and work you put into your design
  2. Having to match the quality of your materials to the price
  3. Lets your customers know how much they are willing to spend
  4. How much you would be pricing your product as

I recommend Designers this article called How a Young Fashion Designer Stands Out in a Crowded Market Rebecca Minkoff quotes “I didn’t put a tag on it saying it was made with this other type of leather, but the bag didn’t look the same, and my customers knew it. We recognized that immediately when sales for the item didn’t perform.”

This is a perfect example of knowing your price point, whether it will make or break a product your design.

There are six major price point that you should know

Designer Price Point

Designer is the highest price that caters to the more luxurious and high-priced clients. A  garment piece would cost about $1,500+ from one article of clothing. Your design must match the price when working in this price zone. When dealing with designer price zone your design would be superior in fabric, embellishments, details, and trimmings. The upside to working in the designer price point is that you have the free reign to be creative without having to worry about cost.

Bridged Price Point

Bridge is between designer and better one-third to one half of the designer price zone. Usually, garments would cost one-half to one-third lower of designer prices. The clothing in this price zone is career separates and fine fabric dresses costing $300-1000. Bridge price point products have the same look as a designer product but made with less costly fabrics and embellishments, and trimmings.

Better Price Point

Better price zone is between medium to high. In price, the fabrics, style, and craftsmanship Better should be of good quality. prices would fall $200-300+ dresses, sports, and coordinated separates.

Contemporary Prince point

Contemporary this price zone is a favored among younger or new designers. Thinking of entering this market, then your designs have to be more innovative, modern, and trend forward. This price zone is for designers who are unique in current styles, fashion, and design. Target market would be towards women 20s to 30s with prices from $90-200 similar or higher than better.

Moderate Price Point

Moderate is applied to middle-class customers, it includes selling dresses, sportswear, and career attire. This price is nationally advertised brands, you can look to Gap, Guess, or Levis as example prices cause the prices vary, but if I have to estimate it would be around $50-100.

Budget Price Point

Budget is the lowest on the price point, the garment is usually fair in price, quality, and value. Therefore, a fashion designer may not fall under this price zone because this is selling more towards “promotional” or “mass” market. Mass-market garment is a knock-off version of the original being sold at a lower price for the masses which would be about $50 or less.

I hope this helped future or current designers out there. Because when I first learn about the price point system, I didn’t really understand it. The price point is to help you understand what you are selling to your upcoming customers and to always be consistent with your brand. But if you come across a problem and you’re selling a product, make sure it matches the quality of what you’re selling.  I have a lovely cheat sheet of the six major price points that I hope you lovely creatives will enjoy, a fashionable price point chart, you can stick it in your binder, hang it on your wall, or place on your desk. Enjoy Designers!


Careers and Where to Find Them: Fashion Forecaster

Careers and Where to Find Them is to help future designers out there minimize searching, to focus on starting your new career and build your portfolio. This page has title, description, salary, references, and links to see if this career is right for you.

 Fashion Forecaster


Fashion forecasters predict upcoming trends and present trends that are on the decline. Silhouette, shoe shape, textile choice, color schemes, skirt lengths, and jewelry are all within the scope of a forecaster’s vision. As a fashion forecaster, you will look at sales figures and record patterns or trends that emerge. Forecasters must be in touch with multiple markets.

Skills Sets

  • Show a keen interest in past and current fashion trends
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry
  • Have good networking and communicational skills
  • Be imaginative and creative
  • Have the right I.T skills
  • Be willing to do extensive research


Many employers prefer applicants with a degree in fashion design, fashion merchandising, apparel production, textile design, textile merchandising, fashion marketing, or fashion retailing. Aspiring fashion forecasters must spend years working in the industry before becoming salaried fashion forecasters, especially for a top firm. So in addition to a degree, employers prefer a minimum of 5-7 years’ experience in the fashion industry in areas such as marketing, retail, product development, or merchandising.

Advancement Opportunity

$100,000 or more on the high end. Salaries are even higher if they work for an independent firm. Independent firms can charge $150,000 or more for a single project.


Career Info

Fashion Capital

The Process Of Fashion Forecasting

Job Sites


Linkedin  (This is a website that connects you to Fashion Forecasting companies simply click on careers when you enter their website. You never know you might get lucky and find your dream job).


Dream Careers

Cotton Incorporated


Resume Samples

Live Career

Cover letter sample 

Resume Now (just letting you know this is not the right resume sample use Fashion forecasting job descriptions & skills be an example)


Princeton Review

16 Personalities 


Geographical Location

 Fashion forecasters may work directly with retail companies, apparel, and textile firms or designers. They may also work for consulting firms, for independent fashion forecasting firms, or independently.

Misc. Comment such as Salary etc.

 Earn around $50,000

that’s all I have for you on careers and where to find them, please check out my previous post on Assistant Fashion Designer. If you like these types of post, and it has helped narrow down your career choice let me know and leave a comment.

Careers and Where to Find Them: Textile Designer

Careers and Where to Find Them is to help future designers out there minimize searching, to focus on starting your new career and build your portfolio. This page has title, description, salary, references, and links to see if this career is right for you.

Job Title:

Textile Designer


Textile designers create fabric designs and patterns for woven, knitted and printed materials. In this role, your designs would be used to make clothing or interior furnishings such as upholstery, soft furnishings, and carpets.

Skills Sets:

To be a textile designer you’ll need:
  • Must have a creative flair and the ability to understand color, texture, and patterns
  • A good understanding of different techniques and the properties of different materials
  • Knowledge of CAD software
  • Have good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team and on your own initiative
  • Budgeting skills and the ability to work out costs
  • Marketing, financial and administrative skills needed for running a business.


  • Diploma in Textile Design
  • Manufacturer Award in Sampling Techniques for Textile Design

Advancement Opportunity:

You could find work with a large manufacturing company or a small, exclusive design house. You may also find opportunities with architects, interior designers, fabric or clothing manufacturers, and retailers.

With experience, you could progress to a senior design position, or work as a product or project manager.


Career Info





Sample Resumes

Velvet Jobs

Best Sample Resumes

Free Resume Builder Online


Internships Down Under

Intern Queen ( You can just find regular fashion internship if you don’t see textile design internships * always check for updates)


Jung Typology Test

16 Personalities Test

Geographical Location:

A lot of your time will be spent at a computer, designing fabrics and working on patterns. You may sometimes need to travel to visit trade fairs, clients and manufacturers.

As a freelance designer, you’ll work your hours to fit in with your clients. You will usually split your time between designing and marketing your work.


You’ll usually start out as a designer on around £15,000 to £20,000 a year.

Once you have the experience you could earn up to 28,000 a year.

Senior designers or design directors may earn £40,000 a year or more.


Careers and Where to Find Them: Assistant Fashion Designer

Careers and Where to Find Them is to help future designers out there minimize searching, to focus on starting your new career and build your portfolio. This page has title, description, salary, references, and links to see if this career is right for you.

Job Title: Assistant Fashion Designer

Description: Fashion design assistants support designers by helping them create new materials, styles, colors, and patterns for fashion brands and labels.

Skills Sets:

To be a fashion design assistant you should have:

  • Must have creative flair, and an eye for pattern and color
  • The ability to organize and prioritize your work
  • Good time-management skills
  • The ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Commercial awareness and knowledge of the current market
  • A good understanding of garment construction and costing
  • The ability to work well on your own, and in a team
  • Good negotiation skills for working with customers and suppliers
  • Confidence and self-motivation.


Courses include:
  •  A level 3 Certificate in Fashion 
  • Diploma in Fashion and Clothing/ level 3 certificate
  •  Diploma in Fashion and Textiles/ certificate level 3 
  • Textiles Diploma/ certificate level 3

Advancement Opportunity:

With experience, you can move up to fashion designer, senior designer or fashion director. You can have a more creative range and manage your own team. Assistant fashion Designers have an option of freelance designing working on an individual project or become self-employed working on their own collections.


Career Info
Sample Resumes

Geographical Location: You will find most opportunities in London and in other cities associated with clothing and textiles, such as Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, and Leeds.

Salary: Starting salary estimates to £14,000 to £19,000, with experience: £23,000


5 Amazing Audiobooks Every Designer Must Read

Hello, Designers, One thing I recently started was expanding my mindset. I always read fiction novels. I never enjoyed non-fiction, I made it one of my many goals this year to read more inspiring nonfiction books. This year became busier for me, there never any time to actually sit down and read anymore. Here is a funny story, I was sitting across from one my coworkers and asked what she was she was listening to. she tells me she’s listening to audiobooks on her phone. she said its good cause she loved to read and doesn’t have the time to actually read anymore. so I am looking at her and thought she is not a book lover if she has to listen to a book. so thinking to myself I already read on my tablet and don’t want to become more into the techno world we live in now. I still now and then love that new book smell. so to transition also audio books, to me it was hard for me to do. So I finally got up the courage, and listen to my first audiobook, then BAM I am hooked. The moral of this lovely story is don’t be afraid to try something new. We are designers we should be used to taking risks.

From my reading list here are 5 Amazing audiobooks every designer must read:

How To Be A Bawse

How To Be A Bawse
How to be a Bawse: By Lily Singh

First, up is your Favorite YouTube Star comes to the definitive guide to being a bawse: a person who exudes confidence, hustles relentlessly, and smiles genuinely because he or she has fought through it all and made it out the other side. Lilly Singh isn’t just a superstar. She’s Superwoman—which is also the name of her wildly popular YouTube channel. Funny, smart, and insightful, the actress and comedian cover topics ranging from relationships to career choices to everyday annoyances. It’s no wonder she’s garnered more than a billion views. But Lilly didn’t get to the top by being lucky—she had to work for it. Hard. Now Lilly wants to share the lessons she learned while taking the world by storm, and the tools she used to do it. How to Be a Bawse is the definitive guide to conquering life. Make no mistake, there are no shortcuts to success, personal or professional. World domination requires real effort, dedication, and determination.






#Girlboss: by Sophia Amoruso

#Girlboss is New York Times bestseller that the Washington Post called ‘Lean In for misfits,’ Sophia Amoruso shares how she went from dumpster diving to founding one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world. Sophia Amoruso spent her teens hitchhiking, committing petty theft, and scrounging in dumpsters for leftover bagels. By age twenty-two, she had dropped out of school and was broke, directionless, and checking IDs in the lobby of an art school a job she’d taken for the health insurance. It was in that lobby that Sophia decided to start selling vintage clothes on eBay. Flash forward ten years to today, and she’s the founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal, a $250-million-plus fashion retailer with more than four hundred employees. Sophia was never a typical CEO or a typical anything, and she’s written #GIRLBOSS for other girls like her: outsiders (and insiders) seeking a unique path to success, even when that path is windy as all hell and lined with naysayers. #GIRLBOSS proves that being successful isn’t about where you went to college or how popular you were in high school. It’s about trusting your instincts and following your gut; knowing which rules to follow and which to break.





Victoria Beckham Queen Of America

Victoria Beckham Queen of America
Victoria Beckham Queen of America: by Victoria Beckham

She’s the most famous, most glamorous and most controversial star in the world, and she is taking America by storm! From Spice Girl to successful solo artist; from single sex-kitten to being one-half of the most famous and fascinating couples in the world; from mother-of-three to fashion designer and style icon; from catwalk model to bestselling author; from head of WAGS to the sunny boulevards of West Hollywood…Victoria Beckham’s life is never out of the headlines. Ever since storming into the charts on a wave of girl power, Victoria has worked tirelessly to become Britain’s most talked about star. But there is so much more to her than glossy photo-shoots, trend-setting hairstyles and celebrity friendships, and feuds. Her incredible journey started as a lonely but ambitions teenager with her heart set on fame and fortune. Victoria was a hit at stage school and fronted a struggling group before joining The Spice Girls, and it wasn’t long before she was a regular on the international party scene. Covering the death threats the kidnap attempts, rumors of surgery, gossip surrounding her marriage and health, plus how Victoria juggles being a devoted wife and mother with a career in fashion design. This exciting book reveals the secrets behind her sensational rise to fame and the inside story of the Beckham’s move from Madrid to LA.




Fashion2.0 Blogging Your Way To The Front Row

Fashion 20 Blogging Your Way to the Front Row
Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row



In this first of its kind insider’s guide, Yuli Ziv, Style Coalition’s founder, reveals the secrets behind her own online success and that of her network, which represents more than 200 top fashion and beauty bloggers.

You will find practical business advice on how to:

  • Brand yourself as a top blogger and sought-after influencer
  • Build valuable relationships with PR companies and brands
  • Secure invitations to important industry events
  • Work with advertising networks
  • Develop new revenue streams
  • Land spokesperson deals and large-scale sponsorships
  • Position yourself at the forefront of the fashion blogosphere

Full of helpful resources and inspirational chapters by top fashion bloggers What I Wore, College Fashion, Gala Darling, Second City Style and Corporette, the book is packed with all the advice and motivation you need to take your blogging career to the next level!

Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor


Tim Gunn, America’s favorite reality TV co-host, is known for his kind but firm approach to providing wisdom, guidance, and support to the scores of design hopefuls on Project Runway. Having begun his fashion career as a teacher at Parsons The New School for Design, Tim knows more than a thing or two about mentorship and how to convey invaluable pearls of wisdom in an approachable, accessible manner. Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor will focus on Tim as the teacher. Divided into sections on common themes – leadership, curiosity, diversity, understanding, and empathy – this practical, timely audiobook takes us on a journey through life lessons and uses Tim’s own personal experiences, from the classroom to the therapist’s office, to illustrate larger concepts. Each chapter will end with a “life assignment”, where Tim challenges you to apply the lessons you’ve learned in practical mentoring or teaching situations.


Hope this gets your inspiration juice going these books are good. The advice they give is something any designer can apply to my fashion path. Please leave a comment below! please recommend other authors that I and others can read next.


Designer Downtime: For You (50 Shades Freed Album), Breathing Technique, and Chamomile Tea

Hey designers,
Welcome to Designer downtime I’m going to make this a regular on this page to help get those creative juices flowing. How many of you love the Fifty Shades of Grey series and the new song by Liam Payne with Rita Ora? If you haven’t seen the music video it is aesthetically beautiful.

When I listen to music I always love imaging scenarios in my head. I create my best designs that way. when listening to the song For You I couldn’t help imagining myself on a small country estate. With a villa, cocktail party. In a Gorgeous blouse and dress pants. Tell me below what you imagine when you listen to this song. Try these tips below. This works whether your watching music videos, or listening to the music. These relaxation tips and drinking some chamomile tea. Give yourself that moment to clear your head. Good luck


  • Be creative in other ways besides drawing
  • Paint
  • Write fiction,  poetry haikus, journaling
  • Play instrument
  • Being artistic can help you find your inspiration and expand your creativity

Relaxing tips

set timer:1 minute

Try, your mind and stop worrying,  worrying will just waste more of your energy.

  • Breathe in  slowly and fully
  • Focus on your breathing expand the abdominal muscles
  • Hold for 3 seconds then slowly breathe out
  • Also be aware of your breathing are you doing it
  • Repeat over again until the minute is over


Chamomile Tea

Known as a mild sedative and anti-anxiety agent

 *Try adding to your tea lemon, lavender, Ginger, mint, lime, honey, apple cider, milk

The Chamomile flower 

  • reduce anxiety great for people with generalized anxiety disorder
  • Apigenin, is a key component of Chamomile processes anxiolytic and sedative effect

*Caution Chamomile tea may not be considered safe for a pregnant woman because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Especially tea made from Roman chamomile is more likely to be unsafe.