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Ggs Design page is a collection of projects I am extremely passionate about. Click below to  research, designs sketches, color illustrations, prototypes, and the finished product

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  • You Can Stay In The Bachelor Fantasy Suite Spa Penthouse — If You Can Afford It February 25, 2020
    THE BACHELOR – “2401” – Handsome airline pilot Peter Weber is ready to take off on an international journey filled with romance, high drama and love! He grabbed Hannah B.’s attention with his boyish charm and one storied night in a windmill, but Bachelor Nation was shocked when she ended their relationship. Now, their heartthrob […]
    Hannah Rimm
  • Milan’s Fashion Girls Make A Case For Waist-Grazing Hair February 25, 2020
    It's funny how quickly trends can change from city to city during Fashion Month. Just last week, we were in London, where effortlessly chic updos were the perfect complement to umbrellas and galoshes. Days before that, the fashion crowd in NYC influenced us to chop bangs and a bob. Now, in Italy's fashion capital, we're […]
    Megan Decker
  • Instagram Thinks It’s Time To Retire The Term ‘Body Positivity’ February 25, 2020
    For a long time, Jude Valentin thought social media was “toxic.” As a queer and Latinx teenager, Valentin (who uses the pronouns she/they) felt “othered.” They’d look at “before and after” transformation photos, and feel like they’d never achieve the same picture-perfect progress. They struggled with disordered eating. Things felt dark. But in 2014, they […]
    Molly Longman
  • Mike Bloomberg Has A Strange Squad Of Celebrity Supporters February 25, 2020
    Mike Bloomberg entered the 2020 presidential race relatively late — though not for a lack of headlines. The former New York City mayor made a splash among Democratic candidates during the ninth Democratic Debate in Nevada, and it's anticipated that he will likely be in the spotlight once again. Two recurring criticisms against Bloomberg are […]
    Sarah Midkiff
  • Here’s What Gayle King Plans To Ask As A Moderator At The South Carolina Debate February 25, 2020
    It’s one week until Super Tuesday, and all eyes are on South Carolina for the tenth Democratic debate. Last week, after Sen. Elizabeth Warren roasted Michael Bloomberg over his comments about women, the race suddenly became a heated battle of who is fit to even run for President. Now, the candidates have another opportunity to […]
    Elly Belle
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