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Beauty tips

Click the links below to catch up on the latest plus size fashion trends and get relaxed with Au Naturale Beauty page check out the best products to use, alternative remedies, and aromatherapy.

GGS Designs

Ggs Design page is a collection of projects I am extremely passionate about. Click below to  research, designs sketches, color illustrations, prototypes, and the finished product

Find Inspiration to Create

Finding inspiration can be found in books, nature, in the way you look through an art piece and the feel of the beat to that one music that makes you feel amazing. Click the buttons below to find your inspiration to create your next design





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  • The Best Memorial Day Sales: A Real-Time Report Of Every Major Fashion Deal May 22, 2019
    For some of us, the first Monday in May is an unspoken national holiday, where we take a break from working around 5 PM to bear witness to all the lewks being served up on the Met Gala’s pink carpet. However, we occupy quite a specific niche, and for most Americans, the last Monday in […]
    Emily Ruane
  • An Expert Guide To Buying & Styling Affordable Art For Your Home May 22, 2019
    Art is an immense and relative term, making it either a dream or a nightmare for those attempting to navigate it on a buyer's level. Regardless of if you're deciding where to hang a print, debating whether or not to pull the trigger on a first acquisition, or still wondering where the hell to even start […]
    Elizabeth Buxton
  • I Tried A 7-Item Capsule Wardrobe & It Wasn't Nearly As Limiting As You'd Think May 21, 2019
    What Kind Of Outfits Can You Make From Your Closet?The past few years have given rise to a strange combination of minimalism and maximalism. Bombarded with information about our spending habits (the average American buys 64 new pieces of clothing per year and uses just 20% of their closets), organizational fads have become commonplace. Think […]
    Mi-Anne Chan
  • Imogen Heap On Her New App, Making Music With Gloves & Ariana Grande May 21, 2019
    I don't think I'm alone in saying that 2005's "Hide and Seek" was the soundtrack of my adolescence. Like many of my peers who came of age in the aughts, I was first exposed to Imogen Heap's music when I watched (and cried to) that infamous Marisa and Trey scene from The O.C., and since […]
    Anabel Pasarow
  • Cardi B Reportedly Cancels Upcoming Show Due To Plastic-Surgery Complications May 21, 2019
    Two weeks after addressing her liposuction during a performance in Tennessee, Cardi B is reportedly taking time off due to complications from her plastic-surgery procedures. TMZ reports that the rapper withdrew from a Memorial Day performance at the the 92Q Spring Bling Festival in Maryland due to "serious fallout from her recent cosmetic surgeries.""Let me […]
    aimee simeon
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