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  • Jessica Alba Makes The Case For Jalapeños This Thanksgiving October 14, 2019
    If you've ever tackled the birdlike beast that is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you're familiar with the elaborate ceremony of shopping, chopping, stuffing, and basting that occurs before the arrival of a pack of hungry guests. While there's no handbook to guide you through this pre-feast ritual, the year-long anticipation for perfectly glazed yams and a turkey cooked just […]
    Amanda Randone
  • 12 Fall Trench Coats From Traditional To Daring October 14, 2019
    Fashion trends may come and go, but trench coats are forever. The trench coat is a fall staple for a reason. It is simultaneously the perfect go-to outerwear to polish your cozy autumn looks and an eye-catching statement piece to complement the season’s crisp, cold weather. When it comes to trench coats, the options are seemingly […]
    Alejandra Salazar
  • 8 Self-Care Products You Need This Fall October 14, 2019
    There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to fall: an “Autumn Over Everything” embracing of the season, or a “Summer, Don’t Go” rejection of all things warm and cozy. Wherever you land, it’s hard to deny that with the new season comes a rekindled desire for change. Whether you plan to hunker […]
    Audrey Williams
  • 9 Mermaid Makeup Ideas For Halloween That Are Far From Basic October 14, 2019
    There are a few Halloween costumes that fall under the "classics" category — think: witches, nurses, black cats, and mermaids. No matter what trendy memes or award-winning movies everyone is planning to recreate on October 31, these are the tried-and-true options that never feel outdated. Now, some might say dressing up as a mermaid for […]
    Thatiana Diaz
  • H&M’s Halloween Costumes Are So Good This Year October 14, 2019
    October is one of the best months on the calendar. Perhaps, with its near-ideal combination of crisp weather and warm autumnal aesthetic, we might even dare to suggest it’s the best month — we’ll get back to you on that in December when we’re full of eggnog and holiday cheer. But pumpkin spice lattes and […]
    Alejandra Salazar
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