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  • Want To Make Money As You Work Out? Try Apple Watch’s New Program January 23, 2020
    We all know that the Apple Watch is an amazing device for people who love to exercise — it tracks dozens of types of workouts, automatically detects when you start sweating (in case you forget to manually log each session), and lets you compete with fitness-happy friends. But now, the device is taking its wellness […]
    Elizabeth Gulino
  • Essie Just Dropped 6 New Nail Shades Perfect For Valentine’s Day January 23, 2020
    Whether you're a hopeless romantic or a self-proclaimed cynic, there's no avoiding Valentine's Day. With February 14th less than a month away, a lot of products you already shop for have received a cute makeover — from coffee-table candles to eggplant bath bombs — and now, even your favorite nail polish comes in a glittery, […]
    Megan Decker
  • I Got A Hair Makeover To Finally Embrace My Grays — & Here’s What I Look Like Now January 22, 2020
    [youtube] Growing up, Leah Carroll routinely heard people call her father a “silver fox” for embracing his natural hair, so when she started going gray in her early 20s, she couldn’t help but wonder why she wasn’t treated the same way. While the New Yorker began dying her hair after their onset, at around […]
    Thatiana Diaz
  • 10 Neck Creams That Actually Make A Difference January 22, 2020
    There's a meme making the rounds on Instagram that perfectly captures the beauty industry's radically different approach to men's and women's personal care: "For men: this can be used as a shampoo, body wash, face wash, lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste, engine degreaser, spackle, or sunscreen. For women: We've specially formulated this moisturizer for your left elbow."Of […]
    Erika Stalder
  • Instead Of Megxit, Prince Charles Is Focusing On Our Climate Crisis January 22, 2020
    TOKYO, JAPAN – OCTOBER 23: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales attends a reception to celebrate UK – Japan partnerships hosted by British Ambassador Paul Madden at the Ambassadors Residence on October 23, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images) PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND – AUGUST 14: PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND – AUGUST 14: Climate change activist Greta […]
    Sarah Midkiff
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