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Ggs Design page is a collection of projects I am extremely passionate about. Click below to  research, designs sketches, color illustrations, prototypes, and the finished product

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  • Stop Overlooking The One Item Of Clothing You Actually Wear The Most November 13, 2018
    When asked what item we wear the most, we rarely realize that above our trusty puffer jackets and vintage jeans, the real answer is probably our pajamas. And when we're in something that often (every night, lazy Sundays), it may be time to start giving it the attention it deserves. In plain speak: Ditch the […]
    Ray Lowe
  • I Got The Latest It Girl Hair Color — & Here's How It Looks November 12, 2018
    [youtube]Beauty with Mi, hosted by Refinery29's beauty writer Mi-Anne Chan, explores the coolest new trends, treatments, products, and subcultures in the beauty world. Never miss an episode by subscribing here.As soon as I decided to bleach my hair last year, people started warning me that once I did, I'd never want to go back […]
    Mi-Anne Chan
  • Trump's Body Language Reveals How He Feels About Journalists, Especially Women Of Color November 12, 2018
    President Trump has never made his contempt for the press a secret. In recent weeks, as the country has seen multiple mass shootings, a groundbreaking midterm election, and devastating wildfires, the president has used his platform to hammer home his belief that the greatest threat facing America is the "Fake News Media, the true Enemy […]
    Leah Carroll
  • The Hidden Gems Section On Wayfair Is Holiday Gifting Goals November 12, 2018
    Many dread the holidays due to gifting apprehension. And while we understand the worry that surrounds savvy budgeting and perfect purchases, we actually find the upcoming season to be the most liberating of all shopping occasions. Where gifting on other special days (like birthdays or V-Day) can call for particular goods sharply pre-groomed by recipients, […]
    Elizabeth Buxton
  • This Dr. Pimple Popper Holiday Merch Is The Perfect Gag Gift November 12, 2018
    Chances are you remember the first time you were introduced to the phenomenon that is live-action pimple popping. You know, that moment when your friend, co-worker, cousin, or cool sister-in-law pulled up Dr. Pimple Popper's YouTube page, squealing: "Oh my gosh, you have to see this." Now, Dr. Sandra Lee and her pus-spewing videos are […]
    Megan Decker
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