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Ggs Design page is a collection of projects I am extremely passionate about. Click below to  research, designs sketches, color illustrations, prototypes, and the finished product

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  • 23 Top-Rated Amazon Treasures Your Mom Will Cherish April 24, 2019
    Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration of the fierce women who birthed and reared us; it's also a holiday that annually tests chronic-procrastinators' thoughtful-planning abilities ( hello, it me). To avoid triggering disappointment-flashbacks from those, "I'm sorry I forgot to take the trash out," days, we crafted an Amazon customer-approved gift-list that moms will adore […]
    Elizabeth Buxton
  • These Are The Best Sales Of The Week, According To Our Shopping Editors April 24, 2019
    When you’ve got a shopping habit like ours — make that a shopping job — you find yourself saving more pieces to a wish list that seems to know no limits. And while we’ll certainly pay full price for the goods we really want (see our series The Sell-Out for the things that cannot be […]
    Emily Ruane
  • Give Mom Exactly What She Wants With These Beauty Gift Sets April 24, 2019
    Remember when coming home with an “I Love Mom” drawing and a DIY macaroni necklace was enough of a present for Mother’s Day? Well, those days are long gone. Now, you’re discussing arguing in the siblings group chat and scouring Google to plan a unique gift. After years of birthdays, Christmases, and Mother’s Days, you’re […]
    Thatiana Diaz
  • 13 Easy Updo Ideas That Won't Remind You Of Your Prom April 24, 2019
    Tight, crunchy, and cheesy aren't adjectives we'd ever want to use to describe our hair, but it's exactly what we'd call the updos we wore back in the day. Typically when weddings, graduations, and prom came around, an updo the size of a cornucopia was involved — and so were one million bobby pins and […]
    aimee simeon
  • Gadgets Your Mother Needs (But Doesn’t Know It) April 24, 2019
    Skip the obvious chocolates and flowers this Mother's Day, and send something your mom will actually use — and might just give you a reprieve from constant text threads. Tired of getting asked to send photos of what you're doing? A smart frame you can automatically upload images on will do the trick. Sick of […]
    Madeline Buxton
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