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  • 20 Holiday Gifts To Get The Ladies In Your Life — All From Nordstrom December 12, 2018
    Chances are you spend a lot of time talking to the girlfriends you wake up every morning for outfit advice, your mom who wakes you up before an early flight, the sisters you miss more than anything, or the partner you waited forever to find. But while the holidays are all about celebrating the special […]
    Eliza Huber
  • Timothée Chalamet's Hair Is Evolving Faster Than His Career December 11, 2018
    Justin Bieber's flippy bangs. Harry Styles' boyish lob. Joe Keery's retro mullet. When you're an emerging Hollywood heartthrob, your hair walks into the room before you do — and Timothée Chalamet knows that full well. The 22-year-old's mop of curly hair has garnered its share of attention, including inspiring its own Twitter account and sparking […]
    Samantha Sasso
  • How To Dress For Every Sort Of Winter Forecast December 11, 2018
    As we all know, winters are not made equal. The Midwest is regularly blanketed in feet of snow, the Pacific Northwest is generally wet and wild, lucky Southern California is chilly at best, and the Mid-Atlantic is always in for a surprise with its grab bag of a forecast. But, at some point, everyone (with […]
    Jinnie Lee
  • Pinterest Search Is Up 97% For This Nail Trend December 11, 2018
    The nail salon is a tough place for the indecisive. First, you spend ten minutes in front of the rainbow wall of polishes, eventually walking towards the chair with a navy bottle in one hand and a dusty pink in the other. Then, the manicurist asks the million-dollar question, "Square or rounded?" Uhhh.Well, don't waste […]
    Megan Decker
  • The Haircut Trend London Girls Are Obsessing Over For 2019 December 11, 2018
    There's no mistaking the enduring popularity of the bob, which first blew up as the preferred hairstyle of flappers in the 1920s and has since held up its status as a very modern trend, complete with well over 850,000 hits on Instagram for #bobhaircut (and a whopping 4.8 million for simply #bob, though that also […]
    Jacqueline Kilikita
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